American Health Care, or lack thereof, and cost

Here are the raw numbers we have to account for in our failed health care system.


We spend more PUBLIC money on healthcare than comparable countries with national health care systems. When you add the private money in, we spend enormously more money on health care than countries with national health care systems. I […]

God is at work in Long Beach (written for Kingdom Causes December 2011 Blog Post)

God is at work in Long Beach. That’s my theory. It’s more than an intellectual thing, actually – it’s a belief. Tied in with my belief in God and trust in Jesus to be one of his children is the sense that God is at work in this world where he has put us. The […]

What about those links?

Well, being a famous online shopper, people ask me where to get stuff. So here are a few links to online vendors that I use. I don’t use that many these days, having found that these vendors hit the low-price and reliability combination that I want. I sometimes shop elsewhere online, but the list of […]