12. Constructively Moving Forward

Some paint the issues surrounding the place of women in the family and the church as an issue of autonomy; that is, Man seeks to decide for himself and not let God be God. The issues are bundled with other contemporary issues of sex, life choices, materialistic goals, and so on. However, what I argue […]

11. Practice and Experience

Theoretically, allowing God to call people into the ministry He chooses without seeking to promote one’s own place or position will lead to the same results, whether one is a complementarian or an egalitarian or something in between. However, in practice, expectations matter. Examples matter. It is all too easy to conform to externalities, […]

10. Blessing the Church

What motivates a Christian leader? Obedience to God and service to the church. We are not (or should not be) driven by personal ambition or social agendas. It’s that simple… at least in theory. We obey God and bless the church.

The gifts of the Spirit are to bless the church and build it […]

9. Leadership and Spiritual Authority

In Christ, as taught through the Bible, there is a strong personal/spiritual dimension to leadership and relationships of authority. That is, leadership is exercised from a foundation of spiritual authority. This is the type of authority that Christ teaches to His disciples.

Loosely adopting Robert Clinton’s typology of authority, one can identify a […]

8. Jesus’ Teaching or Dysfunctional Situations?

I believe the most important teaching for family and church relationships comes from Jesus. I believe that my way of relating as a man to women and as a husband to my wife should meet the standards Jesus taught for all relationships. I expect to treat women the way I would want to be […]

7. Beginnings

While the precise relationship between the original creation and the new heaven and new earth of biblical prophecy is a matter deserving more extended consideration, it seems clear that in the kingdom of God there is a sense of “undoing” the results of sin – of living the ways of the kingdom of God […]

6. Cultural and Social Norms and Scripture

Some have found it helpful, when seeking to understand the scripture passages that speak of the place of women in the church and in marriage, to consider also those passages that speak of Christians in the context of slavery. These passages assume that there is slavery, and describe how to live the life of […]

13. Further Reading – Links and References

The main evangelical organizations formed to support particular views on women in family and ministry are good sources of references and information. The complementarian organization is the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. The egalitarian organization is Christians for Biblical Equality. Both of these organizations are God-honoring and Bible-honoring.

There are many books and […]

5. Christian Feminism?

Feminism is not a movement well-regarded by many evangelical Christians today. Most feminist writers today portray religion in general and Christianity in particular as inherently patriarchal and unfair to women. Often Christianity is cast in the role of serving in the past and the present as a tool for the subjugation of women. This […]

4. Oppression

Oppression (according to Dictionary.com):

the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. an act or instance of oppressing. the state of being oppressed. the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety, etc.

For our purposes, definitions one and four are helpful to consider. […]