Euphorbia tirucalli WARNING

Firestick Pencil Cactus – Euphorbia tirucalli

You might want to get rid of these firestick pencil cactus if you have them. This one nearly sent me to the emergency room last night. Sam Ginder, Nathan, and I were outside playing catch and Nathan was restacking some garden decorations. One of them fell on […]

20,000 Plus Project

On January 9, 2013 I was 20,000 days old. I decided on day 20,282 to start my 20,000 Plus project to capture a photo a day. I hope to get to day 32,768.

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What am I reading and studying? [2012]

I want to record what I am reading and studying weekly or monthly, but since this is a start I’ll probably cover whatever seems recent to me this time. I’m not sure how I define “recent” precisely as a period of time. I’m talking more about my own mindshare, I suppose. It probably matters what […]