Unconditional Love or Unconditional Affirmation

Unconditional affirmation and unconditional love are not the same thing. To demand the former is to actually exclude the latter.

Sam Allberry

Alan Jacobs’ “The Politics of Long Joy”

Alan Jacobs has re-cycled an excellent essay he wrote ten years ago as a column for the late lamented Books & Culture. He found what he had to say then particularly apropos to the present day. I don’t recall reading it 10 years ago, so maybe I missed that early edition of Books & […]


Quoting Miroslav Volf:

We are in a major crisis of legitimacy and trust. No better time to renew commitment to trustworthiness, as individuals and communities.

Well said.

American Health Care, or lack thereof, and cost

Here are the raw numbers we have to account for in our failed health care system.


We spend more PUBLIC money on healthcare than comparable countries with national health care systems. When you add the private money in, we spend enormously more money on health care than countries with national health care systems. […]

We Don’t Need Either One

Judah got in a lot of trouble for depending on Assyria to protect them from the Israel/Aram coalition. And then Judah got in a lot of trouble for looking to Babylon to protect them from the Assyrians. Later, Judah got in a lot of trouble for depending on Egypt to protect them from the […]

This is Not Social Discourse

I’m not a particular fan of Bill Gates. However in this interview of Bill Gates from the Atlantic, Gates quite reasonably expresses the need to increase the rate of development for new energy sources (by a lot) because of climate change with less drama and more sense than is found in most such comments.


The anxiety of a broken world… (not)

In The World is not Ours to Save, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson recommends for those who follow Jesus “enduring, kingdom-oriented activism grounded in the faithfulness of vocation instead of the anxiety of a broken world.”

Overconfidence Machines

From a David Brooks TED talk:

95% of profs believe they are above-average teachers 96% of college students believe they have above-average social skills 19% of earners polled by TIME reported they were in the top 1% of earners

How’s that?

from Abraham Lincoln’s speech at Cooper Union in February, 1860

On February 27, 1860, Abraham Lincoln spoke at Cooper Union in New York City, delivering a rather long address that made quite an impression on the listeners, propelling him into national prominence as a serious candidate for president. It is quite the speech. One section reminded me of a hot topic in American society […]

12. Constructively Moving Forward

Some paint the issues surrounding the place of women in the family and the church as an issue of autonomy; that is, Man seeks to decide for himself and not let God be God. The issues are bundled with other contemporary issues of sex, life choices, materialistic goals, and so on. However, what I argue […]