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Resources on Origins and Christian Faith

Do you know a student who is trying to work out how to reconcile the latest science on human origins with their Christian faith and biblical teaching? Allow me to recommend that you refer them to works by John Walton, … Continue reading

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Alan Jacobs’ “The Politics of Long Joy”

Alan Jacobs has re-cycled an excellent essay he wrote ten years ago as a column for the late lamented Books & Culture. He found what he had to say then particularly apropos to the present day. I don’t recall reading … Continue reading

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Revelation Study Resources

These are the books specifically on the Revelation of Jesus Christ that I have been using lately. I always use Logos Bible software with general resources like interlinears and Greek lexicons and word study. But these are the books specifically … Continue reading

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Sarah Williams talks on “Sex in the Post-Modern Story”

“The problem of sexual confusion in our culture, which is huge, is not going to be solved by the reassertion of power.” Thus says the wise and learned Sarah Williams in these talks given at Corban University, which I cannot … Continue reading

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The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a project that brings me great encouragement. It is high quality, crowd-funded and unencumbered for re-use. It is just an all-around great general resource for followers of Jesus who want to learn and help others learn … Continue reading

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This page is where I credit resources used in this site. Nicolas Mollet’s, for map icons.

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No time for fear.

These are the last lines of Escape, the first episode of season two of the television version of This American Life. “I just recently became truly aware of how tenuous my life is.  So I really don’t have time to waste on … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Theodicy, or How can there be so much evil if God is so good?

I highly recommend Ric Machuga’s article in the March/April issue of Books & Culture. Machuga introduces the idea of theodicy in a brief article, summarizing historical and recent attempts to explain why, if God is so good, there is evil … Continue reading

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Four Reviews at Barclay Press

I reviewed four books a few years back. The reviews were done for Barclay Press, but are no longer available on the Barclay Press website (as of August, 2015). Having had some requests to be able to read them, I … Continue reading

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What about those links?

Well, being a famous online shopper, people ask me where to get stuff. So here are a few links to online vendors that I use. I don’t use that many these days, having found that these vendors hit the low-price … Continue reading

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