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Asking the Wrong Question: Can a person come to God through general revelation?

Often, theologians divide revelation into general and special, and mean by “general” what can be known of God through nature. By “special” they essentially mean biblical revelation or at least the explicit gospel. So the question comes down to “can … Continue reading

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Why did Israel seem so separate if God intended to bless all people?

The question, from Sitha, is, “Why did Israel seem so separate if God intended to bless all people?” Update January 9, 2021…. I’ve recently listened to the Bible Project podcast series called The Family of God. They cover this issue … Continue reading

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Fair Trade Friends

A few years ago, I was involved in early discussions with some friends from various Friends churches who were interested in using their business acumen as ministry to do economic development in areas of serious economic need where we were … Continue reading

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