What about those links?

Well, being a famous online shopper, people ask me where to get stuff. So here are a few links to online vendors that I use. I don’t use that many these days, having found that these vendors hit the low-price and reliability combination that I want. I sometimes shop elsewhere online, but the list of next tier vendors is long and I’m too lazy to enter all those sites into my link area. Ask me if you want other references.

If you want high-quality Christian teaching on audio, look no further than the classes and seminars at the Regent College Bookstore. (That’s the one in Vancouver, BC.) Every class I’ve bought and listened to has been good to excellent. No losers yet. I’m particularly glad to have discovered Rikk Watts’ classes.

And then there are the podcasts. I listen to a few very regularly. I never miss Planet Money, because, well, these days it’s all about the economy and I can understand what they say on this podcast – they explain the jargon when guest experts use it.

I also greatly like This American Life, but can’t keep up. It’s creative and real and interesting. It’s often entertaining.

I started listening to Prairie Home Companion back in 1980! The News from Lake Wobegon doesn’t have quite the same kick it used to, but old friends are comforting, and Susie loves it.

Mars Hill Audio is a resource every thinking christian should know about. Ken Myers does a great job of keeping us up to date on intellectual trends we need to know about to keep up with what’s going on in thinking society. Subscribe to the audio Journal; they need our support.

I’ve always been fascinated by history, and the Hardcore History podcast gives me a fix every month or two that really charges my neurons. Dan Carlin, the podcaster, also does a more political podcast called Common Sense that is bound to offend almost everyone some of the time and make you think most of the time. I sometimes listen to it, but haven’t made it a priority listen.

You can probably figure out why I have the other links listed. This is left as an exercise for the reader.

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