Listen to audio from Regent College!

Regent College has a treasure-trove of good stuff at their online bookstore. Check it out.. Many classes and lectures and chapel talks are downloadable as MP3 files. I listen to them while I exercise at the Y rather that dying the slow death of exercise boredom or watching ESPN on the elliptical machine’s TV. It’s my post-basketball low-impact fitness regime. You can read about Regent College on Wikipedia also. The class audio comes with a syllabus so you can read the texts along with listening to the lectures. You’ll learn a lot!

The chapel talks are often available as free downloads. They are by faculty and visiting teachers. Many are superb. They’re great as devotionals. Get on the bookstore email list. The sign-up (as of right now in March, 2011) is a couple of items down on the left-had column of this page. They’ll send you nearly weekly links to free lectures and special offers for discounted items. Wait for holidays and sales to get great class audio offers; you can often get 50% off. Stock up over the holidays with the money your mother-in-law gives you! (That’s what I do. Too bad if you’re not married or your mother-in-law doesn’t like you.)

Lest there be any doubt, I am not connected to Regent College or their bookstore in any way. I don’t even know anyone who is. This is a free tip. I did visit Vancouver for a day last summer and drove within a mile or so of the campus on my way to do some sightseeing. Vancouver was lovely and we enjoyed it a lot. But the cheese was expensive. I think that may mean the the US subsidizes cheese more than Canada does. And that’s why I need something constructively high-impact with which to occupy my mind while I’m low-impact ellipticalizing for the sake of cardio.

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