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Way Down in the Hole

Way Down in the Hole by Tom Waits When you walk through the garden you gotta watch your back well I beg your pardon walk the straight and narrow track if you walk with Jesus he’s gonna save your soul … Continue reading

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Listen to audio from Regent College!

Regent College has a treasure-trove of good stuff at their online bookstore. Check it out.. Many classes and lectures and chapel talks are downloadable as MP3 files. I listen to them while I exercise at the Y rather that dying … Continue reading

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The Christian life is not a quiet escape…

As quoted by James Calvin Schaap in The Professor’s Death Song,” Books & Culture, Eugene Peterson wrote the following comment on the Christian life while considering Psalm 121: The Christian life is not a quiet escape to a garden where … Continue reading

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Fair Trade Friends

A few years ago, I was involved in early discussions with some friends from various Friends churches who were interested in using their business acumen as ministry to do economic development in areas of serious economic need where we were … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Theodicy, or How can there be so much evil if God is so good?

I highly recommend Ric Machuga’s article in the March/April issue of Books & Culture. Machuga introduces the idea of theodicy in a brief article, summarizing historical and recent attempts to explain why, if God is so good, there is evil … Continue reading

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Engaging the world on faith’s terms

The following quotation is from Joseph Bottum in First Things, 2010-01 issue. The last paragraph contains a comment I mentioned to one or more of you, and the comment itself is about the book that I think would be good … Continue reading

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Four Reviews at Barclay Press

I reviewed four books a few years back. The reviews were done for Barclay Press, but are no longer available on the Barclay Press website (as of August, 2015). Having had some requests to be able to read them, I … Continue reading

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