On a Shopping List, Somewhere

A commercial came on during the Winter Olympics. Johnny Weir tried to get hair gel from an empty dispenser. He said to his Google home mini, “Hey Google, put hair gel on my shopping list”. The Google home mini on TV answered him appropriately.

My Google home mini, sitting in front of the TV, spoke up and said, “I’ve added hair gel to your shopping list.”

I said, “Hey Google take hair gel off my shopping list, that was the TV.”

Google home mini said, “I can’t remove items from your shopping list. You’ll have to go to the Google home app and remove it there.”

I said, “Hey Google, you are listening to the TV. Stop it!”

Google home mini said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do that yet.”

I told Susie what happened; she had just returned to the room from somewhere. She said, I guess you’ll have to buy hair gel. I didn’t think you used hair gel…

I got my phone and looked at the Google Home app. I found my shopping list (of which I was previously unaware) to remove hair gel. There was nothing on my shopping list.

Ergo, somewhere in the cloud, Johnny Weir has a shopping list with probably about 28 million units of hair gel on it.

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